Artwork by Steve Bayard | © All rights reserved to Steve Bayard - 2022



Steve Bayard is a Swiss trans-disciplinary artist born in 1981 in Sion in Valais. After having performed for more than 25 years as an independent musician, it is in 2020 that he will validate his achievements in the world of art and design by successfully passing his international certificate as a graphic designer and UI/ UX designer at the institute for informatics and graphic design in Berlin.

Since 2019, he has been managing a small company in Germany under the name of Bayard Art Consulting in which he works as a consultant, but also as a designer to carry out several digital projects. His experience of Web 3.0 and his growing thirst for new challenges led him to create this project directly attached to his small Berlin company which is the owner of this site created with the aim of expanding our activities on the Metaverse.

We wish you a good visit and thank you for any feedback and for any help you can give us.

Steve Bayard

Artwork by Steve Bayard | © 2022 - All rights reserved to Steve Bayard
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Welcome to our wonderful Metaverse project! Enjoy your stay!

What's your goal here?

Invest into a great community project with us on the Metaverse.


Cyborg by Steve Bayard | © 2022 - All rights reserved to Steve Bayard

Our goals with this project

Clean and safe transactions

We love clean and safe art transaction within a simple ecosystem that allows not only to collect but to showcase your most beautiful pieces to the world of arts.

Original artworks

We provide you only with unique and original artworks created by a fine selection of artists being constantly producing new art weekly during and after the launch.

Protection for generations

Our artworks are all protected by a biometric passport allowing them to be traveling on the blockchain, and making the safe for future generations and transactions.

Multiple support available

Our art is available for multiple support such as fine art prints, digital assets, 3D objects, illustrations, animated compositions, collages, paintings, sculptures and more. 

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Join with your own design

To join our collection and have the chance to be highlighted on our website, you can request an appointment online with our team and we will be happy to meet you for a brief meeting in order to accompany you. in these few steps.

Universal DJ Squad Collection - All rights reserved to Steve Bayard