Metaverse Property

Artist: Steve Bayard


Virtual Art Galerie - Palm Jumeirah - Dubai, UAE

As result of this project, you will get:


Individual turnkey spaces with finishes of your choice which will mainly serve as showrooms and creative spaces to set up your company or your art studio.

Audition and exhibition showrooms that can accommodate audiovisual performances in the form of videos and live broadcasts in a heavenly setting and luxury turnkey decor.

Spaces for inter-cultural exchanges, sharing and new encounters in a professional setting allowing joint development and the implementation of new ideas.

Advice and support spaces in order to be able to support and coach our community in the use of new technologies and new tools available on the market.

Creative spaces

Entertainment spaces

Community  spaces

Support & Coaching spaces



Steve Bayard is a transdisciplinary artist born in 1981 in Sion in Valais (Switzerland) and currently living in Berlin (Germany) where he established himself since 2018.

After obtaining his graphic designer and UI/UX Designer certificate in 2020 at the Institute for Computer Science and Graphic Design in Berlin, the artist will focus on digital creations and will develop several artworks, 4 art collections from street art to contemporary art as well as numerous websites including web 3.0 technologies and decentralized payment systems.

This experience led the artist to build his own experience on the Metaverse. After buying his first virtual property in Palm Jumeirah - Dubai, the artist is currently creating an experience of 40,000 square meters in order to be able to welcome virtual visitors 24/7 and offers secure spaces to artists in this gigantic virtual residence.








Our new Metaverse experience in "Palm Jumeirah - Dubai" is soon ready to be published, and you can reserve your space in our next immersive experience starting now. Nothing could be simpler, register on the following link to receive all the information.


To reserve a space in our Web 3.0 project at Palm Jumeirah - Dubai, click on the "Book Now" button. Once your payment has been validated, you will receive more details about our currently available spaces. You understand that the 1000€ sent for the reservation represents only a % of the final price of the reservation of the space and in no case constitutes the final price which will be invoiced to you once the property has been selected and finished being built. Be sure to send your name and contact details to receive all information within 48 hours.

Roadmap for the project

Learn all details to apply for participating to our metaverse property
Get in touch on Discord
Phase #1
Introduce yourself

Get in touch on our Discord channel, we have create a thread here on the server of Bayard Art Consulting, so that you can follow all developments as well as for introducing yourself as an investor/sponsor for this project. Let us know what other type of contribution you would like to provide, what type of goddies turns you on, and get all the details to get in touch for sending us your application to participate for this great adventure. Apply now until the 31.12.2022 at 00:00 to get a chance to be in the first round of investors/collectors for this big drop of NFT+ and art. Phase #1 will end at this time.

Phase #2
Stunning experience and technology

We have started the elaboration phase of development yet, but as we want to offer you more than just a single room to visit, the project will likely include more than one floor for this virtual experience. How many floors will be exactly haven't been fixed yet to stay open and grow the project slowly but safely. We have now designed the base of the first floor, and much more furnitures and details remains to be unveiled for the future to continue to maintain an active life in the property. So said, now we have only the floor, the wall, the sun, a few characters such as 3D avatars like the little robots you can see here in the making, as well as the full ecosystem that will be used to provide the experience with more NFT+ to collect and assets to trade directly within the property. We are also waiting for news regarding the technology we are using, in order to be able to continue research at this level on our side, we must be able to obtain more funds than only one single artist can cover himself to support the development of the project in the long term, but also to continue to support sustainably the creation of new experiences based on the influx of visitors at this properties at different seasons of the year, as well as in other properties we are targeting to buy thinking about a possible expansion, available on the Metaverse, which is no small challenge to stay competitive in this new era for the art world when you have a innovative mindset. Phase #2 is already in execution and no time limitation is fixed for this now. Time limitation will depend on Phase #3.

Blueprint Tigers
Phase #3
Partnership & Sponsorships open

At this stage, we begin to actively seek partners and/or sponsors who would like to be among the first investors to reserve individual spaces among the most luxurious spaces of our property. This will not only allow them to reserve their place now and have it delivered with dedicated customization and finishes, but also to engage us in the next phase of this project which is the final development of a first model of the property, which represents a certain number of hours of work, if possible with new computer hardware that we must renew with the arrival of new next-generation processors and GPUs that would allow us to take a big step forward in terms of production and development time. Shareholders and investors as well as sponsors potentially interested in this project can contact Steve Bayard at the address available on Discord in order to centralize communications for this project. Several packages of offers have been devised for this. Various strategic locations by their size and location are available now to be personalized according to your tastes and your most essential needs. Several products may also be provided and linked, such as soft drinks, products and technology, multimedia, cult objects, luxury products, sculptures and other cult works of art, in the form of NFTs, but also in the form of objects physically available and put up for sale through our virtual auction rooms. Do not hesitate to let us know your most important and innovative needs, we love to challenge ourselves to provide you with the best possible experience. Phase #3 is now scheduled to go live starting September 2022 until the end of December 2022.

Development & Production
Phase #4
Production & Development

To support the costs of the presentation and the creativity implemented to allow the first securing of this project of community art and entertainment spaces, the artist Steve Bayard imagined auctioning off several series of his illustrations. , combining the artificial intelligence of bots with his talents as a creator and graphic designer. This is how he created an image bank which is the master base of the archives of this project, thus giving it a value that varies and evolves over time. These first series of illustrations are not only available in a format printed on paper by a quality printing company in Switzerland. They are also available in the form of images and digital assets (NFT/NFT+) which may subsequently offer certain privileges and allow certain access to experiences or additional bonuses for their owner. The first collection released for this is "Hackers of the future", available now on and which was designed by asking a bot how it imagines a future hacker, then refined with several keywords developed by the artist until you get the unique works of art that we present to you today here. This collection is a small selection of 10 works that the artist Steve Bayard has chosen to help start the financing of this magnificent project. However, the collection created by the artist himself already represents more than 200 unique illustrations which are in the process of being edited and recorded before being able to travel them all over the world. Phase #4 have partially start now as we are investing regularly time, energy, money, material, ressources to continue the development at our own path and rythm. This can be accelerated with the Phase #4 being a success until the end of the year or will simply report the grand opening to a later time on the schedule next year in 2023.

VR Experience
Phase #5
Visitors are welcome to visit the property

We have create a first exhibition as an example for the project including now avatars that you can create in collaboration between Bayard Art Consulting & ReadyPlayerMe by visiting this link hereThe following collections being already on the way, some works have even already been offered to informed private collectors, because the global project already presents all the characteristics of a project that can quickly evolve and be exported through other galleries and ecosystems in the future. The most prominent collection will probably be the one gathering all the images during the creation of the project, the original 3D design files and much more that will be revealed to you over time and the historical progress of this virtual experience project. on the Metaverse.

"You can burn my name between the columns. You can swear me to all hellish curses. Too happy I am to have broken the chains that your Great Architect and that the Fine Arts impose." -Steve Bayard-. 

Phase #5 is scheduled to go live for March or June 2023 at earliest, if all works fine. We thank you for reading and for your interest and enjoy the preview here under!

Steve Bayard - Pattern Art Exhibition - Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Check our test exhibition

Exhibition available now via the Metaverse.

PATTERN - is a story telling collection where the user is immersed virtually into a digital space to rediscover the urban architecture of Warsaw in Poland into various patterns available in 100cm X 100cm sized prints. The exhibition is taking place now 2 years after the begin of this project where the artist was traveling since the end of 2019 before to realize later in 2022 these exclusive pieces as a form of first test integration before to build his own. You can access this exhibition for free now by downloading the app or by visiting the weblink here.


Join with your own design

To join our collection and have the chance to be highlighted on our website, you can request an appointment online with our team and we will be happy to meet you for a brief meeting in order to accompany you. in these few steps.

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